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 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I am hoping this puts my excited screams into text. Today, my Espionage Cosmetics Cartridge Compact pre-order bundle arrived. I have been excitedly waiting impatiently for these since the day they were announced and let me tell you, the wait has been worth it because they did an amazing job. These compacts are perfect and my favourite thing ever!

This is everything that came in my package, let me explain it. Back in December, I pre-ordered and paid for the ‘Legend’ compact bundle. Now, that was a while go and I can’t remember exactly what that included but I think it included one set of nail wraps and one eyeshadow or lip blush and I think I chose the Barrel Blast wraps then the Barrel Blast lip blush.

The pin badge (which is fucking adorable) and the Nerd Makeup sticker were promised to all pre-orders and the because there were a few problems along the way (understandably, as they were trying to perfect it) each pre-order got 1 extra, random Cartridge Compact (I got the Blox one) and then 2 sets of exclusive nail wraps, I got Nom Nom and Marshmallow Vacuum. All of them are equally adorable, as is the packaging, and the whole package may have actually made me ded!

Also included were 4 empty shadow plates that fit in the compacts for DIY’ing some in, which I am definitely going to do at some point, I might have one as just lip balms, and an Espionage Cosmetics branded nail file.

Any eyeshadows, and I am not sure if I had any included in my pre-order so it’ll be a nice surprise if I did, are currently delayed due to a manufacturing problem and will  be sent out as soon as they are able, but Espionage Cosmetics has kept us well informed all the way so I never felt like I was in the dark about any of it.

Now strap yourself in for a barrage of photos that I just had to take!

All of the details on the compacts are so close to a Gameboy cartridge, you could honestly mistake them for one. All the dips and ridges are in the right place and from most angles you can’t even tell there is a hinge at the top. It even feels and weighs about the same.

And, even more fun, they come with little plastic cases which are exactly like the the Gameboy game cases that we all used to have an abundance of but could never find one when needed and are even just as tricky to open now as they were all them years ago, maybe even a little too tough for my now partially working hands, but really does help with the nostalgic feel.

One slight downside is that my lip blush was packed a little too high in it’s tray so when I closed the lid it kind of got smooshed onto the mirror, but that has been resolved now by myover zealous swatching of it on my arm, which you shall gaze upon in a few moments.

The lip blush came in a little individual blister pack to protect it in transit and it came in perfect condition.

Now this photo might not be exactly true to colour, Barrel Blast is slightly more brown than shown here but this was the closest I could get it and I did so by taking this photo on my pale ass arm in the sunlight. It also has a hint of shimmer. But this is how the beauty gurus swatch things, right? And I couldn’t just not do a cute but nerdy swatch of it, could I? It dried matte and did not stain my skin afterwards. I’m not 100% sure this will suit me but it was my favourite of all the shades available.

It also has a scent to it, which is kind of fizzy and I recognise it but I just can’t place it. Maybe Pixie sticks, maybe! If you know please put me out of my misery.

Ok, so they are about a millimetre or two too wide to actually fit in a Gameboy but the illusion is good enough for me. At least you won’t be able to accidentally plug it in.

If ever there was a time I was to nerdgasm, this is it!

What do you think of them? If you want one, and how could you not, you can sign up here to be notified when they go on general sale, which should be very soon.

Also, keep an eye out on my social media, because I may be giving away my purchased wraps from this post as I received them all in my recent ambassador delivery from Espionage Cosmetics, and, because I received 2 pins, I may be giving that away too! Which ones are you hoping to get your hands on?


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