Espionage Cosmetics: Hunter

Espionage Cosmetics Hunter nerdy nail wraps Predator Movies
If it bleeds, we can kill it!
Today’s nail wraps are AMAZING! Even Jim lost his shit when he saw them. In fact, he came up with this photo idea, and I love how it turned out, it’s one of my favourites so far. These were in the most amazing delivery from Espionage Cosmetics this week and I couldn’t not put them on almost immediately. 
Lets have a look at them in their packet.

Espionage Cosmetics Hunter nerdy nail wraps Predator Movies

That neon green is so bright, it just stands out from everything and made my camera go weird. Sorry about the light hitting the packet, it was pretty bright today and I couldn’t find any great spots in my garden jungle.

Espionage Cosmetics Hunter nerdy nail wraps Predator Movies

But here they are on. This shows just how long the wraps are, because my nails are pretty long at the moment (I’m tempted to go short again) and only have a little bit of the detail from the bottom of the wrap  on them. The details all really stand out on thes,e and those little bits of details at the bottom look awesome.

I am currently considering putting the largest wraps on my big toes and painting the rest of them a glow in the dark neon green. I feel like that would be the perfect nerdy, summer pedicure! What do you think?

Espionage Cosmetics Hunter nerdy nail wraps Predator Countdown Glow in the dark

Speaking of glow in the dark, of course these wraps glow. These are the glyphs used on the countdown timer in the movie.

Now is definitely one of the best times to buy from Espionage Cosmetics, there are so many amazing wraps available and so many more amazing sets on their way. You can find the Hunter wraps here. If you haven’t shopped with them before, pop over to the shop, grab some wraps and if your order is $25 or over, use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off.

I am very excited now because I got my ‘order shipped’ email for my Cartridge Compact order, which means it will be here soon! I am literally bouncing off the walls, excited for this. Anyone else pre-order? Expect a post when these arrive!

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


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