Korres Gel Effect Steel Blue and Peony Pink


Ugh, I had my bloods done today to watch out for that sneaky brain infection and not only does that trigger my anxiety about it, every time, it’s also a pretty tough day in general just because of the walking, the actual blood taking and so on… So, I have some pretty swatches for you today.

These Korres polishes were also sent over by Rhiannon from Sparkle PR and I had barely even heard of Korres before, let alone used them but now I am pretty into them. Lets have a look at why!

The Korres Gel Effect Nail Colours have sweet almond oil to ensure a luminous and long lasting gloss shine for up to 10 days. The colours are super rich, intense and chip resistant.

Steel Blue

Steel Blue is a gorgeous deep, navy blue. The formula is fantastic and applied really nicely, helped of course by the fact that the brush is wide with a rounded end.

The formula has high pigment but did require 2 coats to be opaque.  It dried fast and to a smooth and super shiny finish. It was easy to clean up and easy to remove. I did not experience any staining.

Peony Pink

Despite the name Peony Pink, what I see is an almond nude polish, maybe with a slight lean towards pink but it is barely visible and no one else could see pink in it either. That doesn’t mean I don’t really love this polish.

Peony Pink is quite sheer and did require 4 coats for this level of opaqueness, but the formula is super light and you can barely notice those 4 coats. I believe this polish would be perfect for jelly sandwiches, are those even still a thing?

It dried fast and to a high gloss finish. It was super easy to clean up and remove.

On the note of the Sweet Almond Oil, my nails did feel a little more nourished after wearing this polish for a few days but it is hard to tell with how much cuticle oil I use. I did however wear this for a good few days without topcoat and keeping in mind that I twitch and hit random things and that we were fixing things in the garden, and it didn’t chip once!

The Gel Effect range has 18 nail colours and is also 10-free, these are available for £8 a bottle from Look Fantastic, which is not a bad price for pretty decent polishes.

Have you tried any Korres polishes?


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