Now bats a good mani!

I had a Batman/Joker reference going on with the title of this post originally, until Jim decided to tell me that back in his day, at his school, ‘batty’ was an insult, so that meant that my brain twisted it into something way out of proportion and I had to change it.

Lets talk about today’s mani though.  double stamped the bats image from Uberchic Halloween 03 and then reverse stamped the bats over the moon image from the same plate.

Polishes used: Barry M, Celestial Silver, Cotton, Black Forest and Plumpy Topcoat.

I still have a few more Barry M only Halloween manis on their way and one of them is quite possibly one of my favourites ever!

Still waiting to see one that you want, let me know!


Author: Chrissie

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