He Only Wants Me for My Brains


I very nearly didn’t do this look because the gold in the gorge Barry M Pink Luxe was showing through a little too much for this brainy look, but, luckily I had a little brain fart (don’t worry, it happens sometimes, but it tends to be very few and far between) and tried a coat of Pink Luxe over Barry M Cotton and it really made the pink stand out, thus making it perfect for this look.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton, Pink Luxe, Blood Orange and Black Forest

Stamping Plate: Uberchic Zombie Love 01

I double stamped the images, first in Blood Orange and then Black Forest to give it a kind of anaglyph look, then I topped it off with Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

I kind of love the fact that my nails are basically sparkly brain matter!

More Halloween nails to come, so keep your eyes peeled, although not literally becaused that’s just a little too gory for me!


Author: Chrissie

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