You’ve Got Red On You

It’s not the Halloween season unless you see thousands of blood splatter nails out there on the interwebs, is it? I have never actually done a blood splatter mani before and while I have opted for the cleaner option of stamping rather than splatting, I still love how it looks. Feel a little bit like the opening credits to Dexter.

Barry M Blood Orange was the perfect red for this, it stamps really well and looks so bright and bold over Barry M, keeping it’s red shade for the most part instead of looking pinky once stamped.

Rather than just having the blood splatter, I wanted it to have the hand print smear that you see in most horror movies, where the victim is trying to escape but stumbles and uses the wall/door/car/any surface really for support.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton, Barry M Blood Orange and Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

Stamping plates used: La Qin An Y020 and an unnamed plate purchased from AliExpress.

This may be a relatively simple and super popular nail art look to do but I really like it and it’s pretty bold.

Have you ever done a blood splatter mani the messy way(the straw method)? I have never actually used that method for any look, that might be one I have to try sometime though.


Author: Chrissie

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