Beauty Big Bang XL-021 Stamping Plate

I am on the edge of whether or not I consider today’s nail art a fail or not. On the nail I absolutely loved it but the more I have looked at the photos of it, the more I have started to hate it. This could be because the colouring in all but the above photo is completely off or because, in the photos, it just looks to busy.

Anyway, today I am showing off the Beauty Big Bang XL-021 stamping plate, which is a fab plate with 14 fantastic, full nail images.

Feeling rather Autumnal (but soon to change that feeling for Christmassy) I opted to use the falling sycamore? leaves image. I used a base of KBShimmer Autumn You Know, one of my absolute favourite Autumnal polishes.

Then I stamped with  Moyou Black Knight and then over that with Beauty Big Bang Gold Stamping Polish and topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite.

I tried it both glossy and with a coat of Barry M Matte topcoat and loved the latter the most. I do adore a matte crelly.

Anyway, the plate was etched perfectly and had no imperfections, it picked up perfectly on every image and every time and if I had to pick with it, it would be that some of the non-repeating images were a little too big for my liking, meaning that you don’t get much of the detail on smaller or thinner nails but most of the images on this plate are repeating so it isn’t too much of an issue.

You can grab this plate here for £2.81/$3.59 and don’t forget to use code PLUS10 to get 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order.

How close are you to feeling Christmassy?


Author: Chrissie

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