Sundays with Kylo: My attempt at a professional looking pet portrait

Kylo is not the best in social situations. She gets anxious and has a really nervous, bouncy energy about her. Owners and dogs alike can often interpret this into aggression and most don’t understand that she just wants to play. We have tried doing all we can but it’s just who she is, so we try to keep her out of those situations as much as possible. Although we would really love to find and young, energetic and playful down that we can frequently socialise her with to maybe make her feel less anxious, that just hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, with this in mind, when those ‘Pet Portait’ days come up in local pets stores, we can’t really go to them, but I would love to have a beautiful, professional looking photo of her gorgeous face. So, when we bought a photo backdrop not long ago, the first thing I decided to try was to do a pet portrait of Kylo. I mean, i have a pretty decent camera and I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at using it either.

Kylo was the perfect model, she sat down nicely, looked right at the camera, and I took 4 photos as a test, and all of them were absolutely perfect, this was the 3rd photo. Yes her blanket is minging, I know. But apart from that, it’s perfect.

We bought the photo backdrop from Amazon for £23.99, it is PVC and measures 100×200 cm. It’s a pain to unroll and a pain to hang up somewhere, plus it has static and we still have dog hairs on it from this shoot. But I think it was worth it, don’t you?!


Author: Chrissie

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