Candy canes… another Christmas staple, don’t you think?! I don’t really put them on the tree much anymore but we do always have some around this time, it’s just one of those things that will always feel Christmassy to me, plus they are pretty tasty.

This is my second nail art for BMGLITZMAS! Yes, ok, these candy cane nails have been done loads before but I think if you don’t have a candy cane nail at some point in the next month, are you even doing Christmas nails at all? Also, I kind of just wanted an excuse to use Ruby Slippers over Siren again.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton, Black Forest, Siren and Ruby Slippers, with Plumpy topcoat to finish.

Stamping plate: Uberchic Christmas 02

Doesn’t Siren stamp fantastically?! It’s a gorge red, very close to when you use it as a normal polish, instead of the pinky colour some reds stamp.

It definitely is starting to feel like the “season to be jolly”, if you ignore all the rain and wind!

What is one of your weirdest Christmas traditions? I’m not sure we have any weird traditions, in fact, I don’t think we have any traditions really, but it’s so interesting to hear other people’s.

All polishes are available from the Barry M website and Superdrug.


Author: Chrissie

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