Uberchic Culture Rich stamping plate



I was very kindly sent this beautiful Uberchic Culture Rich stamping plate to review by Alex of Nail Artisan. It is an XL plate with 24 full sized nail images and 10 smaller images, this would be a fab plate for layering and for tribal-esque nail art.

As always with Uberchic plates, the images are etched perfectly, although you do have to get the scrape method down to a tee, and the scraper has to be almost flat against the plate and depending on your current scrape method this could take a bit of getting used to. I found that any stamper will pick the images up off this plate almost perfectly, with marshmallow stampers doing the best. There were zero imperfections.

I did 3 different looks to test the plate out, and I absolutely adore how they all turned out, although not all of them photographed as well as I had hoped, I have gotta to find a way to correct my camera on certain colours.

Polishes used will be listed below the photos.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton (for smoosh base and for stamping)
Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Mint Green
Seche Vite

Polishes Used: Barry M Black Forest
Kbshimmer Take it or Leaf it
Beauty Big Bang Gold stamping Polish
Seche Vite

Polishes used: Barry M Greenberry
Barry M Spring Green
Wikkid Polish What the Flake
Barry M Watermelon (for the stamping)
Seche Vite

You can find this plate on the Nail Artisan website here for £12.75 +p&p.


Author: Chrissie

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