Sundays with Kylo: Kurgo North Country Dog Winter Waterproof Coat Review

I have been super slack lately, the last week I have done one post and not only that, the weeks I have actually posted, it has all been nail stuff, so I am going to try and at least post some little other bits in between the nail stuff and what better way than with a Kylo related post.

We have had this coat since August but didn’t really get to use it much until the last few weeks but we got it in preparation for the rain and cold. We had been trying to find a coat that fit in with what we and Kylo wanted in a coat. It had to be waterproof, with a warm layer, no hood (Kylo hates things on her head), with reflectors/light and most importantly, it had to have a hole for her harness clip. Finding a coat with a harness hole, in the right place, seemed near impossible and we were starting to think that we would just have to settle and modify. Then we spotted this Kurgo coat on Amazon. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I have any idea about how to review a coat for a dog but I’m just going to tell you about it as best I can.

At just under £35 it was a little bit more expensive that we wanted to go but it looked like it was going to be perfect. We measured Kylo’s neck, chest and back to make sure we got the right size and wouldn’t have any faff with it and that paid of, sort of. Medium size is sold out but all other sizes are in stock for a higher price.

Let me tell you now, one of the worst things when having a dog that likes to dress up or needs coats and things, is when they have a weird body shape, and Kylo has a weird body (not shaming her, she’s perfect) but based on weight and some measurements, Kylo is a medium sized dog, but do medium sized dog clothes fit her? Do they fuck! She tends to need a size large in most things but then the neck is too big, or it’s too long. There is always something off but we make do.

This Kurgo coat fits great in the medium size but the neck is a bit smaller than I would like it to be but it does fit, just not over her collar.

The harness hole is great. It’s a double zip so you can zip it around the lead or loop to stop rain getting in, and the hole is a good size too. If I am honest, it could do with being a little bit lower. We had to turn her harness buckles upside down to accommodate it, but we ripped her harness slightly doing, so we have had to turn it back around and now it’s a bit of a pain in the butt.

It has 2 plastic buckles, one on each side to secure the coat in place an these can be adjusted for the right fit around the underside of the chest.

It is lined with a soft fleece material for warmth and comfort and the outer is made from a rip resistant material that stands up pretty well to anything.

The reflective piping works great but the led light is pretty rubbish. It’s an led bar that has 2 light settings, flash or solid on and in both settings, the moment she is a teeny bit of distance away from you (about 2 metres), you can’t see the light anymore, not far at all. We mostly walk first thing in the morning, about 6:30/6:45 and at this time of year it’s pretty pitch black, so when she runs ahead a little bit in the field, we need to know where she is and we were hoping this light would do the trick but it just isn’t good enough. We have had to buy an led collar which is much brighter, so that it fits our needs.

It is definitely waterproof! So as you can see from the photos, it covers most of her back, some of her underside and some of her chest at the front and this definitely helps keep the rain and dew off her. Water runs right off the material. There are 2 things Kylo loves to do when she is out, run through the wet grass because she likes how it feels and roll around in questionable spots. We have already had her roll in poop with this on and that saved a lot of hassle because we can just pop the light out and shove the coat in the wash. And it has definitely saved us from the wet underside problem.

All in all, this coat is great but not perfect. It will keep Kylo warm and sort of dry for now but we will still continue our search for the perfect coat. We are considering getting Kylo little boots for the snow and ice. What item are you still searching for for your pet?


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