BMGLITZMAS He sees you when you’re sleeping, he Knows when you’re awake…




Today’s BMGLITZMAS nail art is one that is done quite often but I do love to see this type of Santa mani each and every year because it is so festive, so simple and everyone tends to have little variations. Plus, you can do this with just the nail polish and a bobby pin, and that is exactly what I did.

Polishes used: Barry M Siren, Cotton, Black Forest, Majestic Sparkle and Plumpy topcoat.

So for the, lets call it fluff, I dabbed out a blob of cotton onto my nail art mat but you can use anything for this, cellophane wrappers, old plastic cards, shiny card or paper, the lid from a coffee cup, literally anything, I gently dabbed one of the rounded prongs of the bobby pin into the polish and used it to do the dots and then I used the polish brush to fill in any gaps at the open edge of the nail.

I also used the bobby pin to do the glitter belt buckle and I even pulled off the little nobble at the end and used the exposed end to do the outline of the Santa hat on my thumb. They’re pretty handy things to have you know.

Have you used a bobby pin in any of your nail art?



Author: Chrissie

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