BMGLITZMAS Winter Wonderland



So I am fully hyped now and I apologise if I post way too much Christmas stuff but I am absolutely 100% deep into it now. The one thing that I need now is snow, and not fake snow or sleet, I want actual, full sized, chunky snowflakes falling fast and heavy from the sky!

For this snowy, winter wonderland look I used a gradient base of Barry M Damson, Laguna and Cotton, which turned out to be a gorgeous gradient. Then I topped with a coat of Diamond Glitter to give it that extra bit of sparkle.

I stamped snowflakes from Born Pretty Store BPL-032 and Barry M Cotton and I topped with a coat of Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

This adorable little penguin is from Uberchic Christmas 02 and I stamped him using Barry M Black Forest. His beak and feet are Barry M Ginger and his belly and eyes are Barry M Cotton.

From the same plate I stamped “Winter Wonderland” using Barry M Black Forest and I finished it all with another coat of Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

This year I have a Warwick & Co candle advent from Jim’s mum, and the moment I opened the 1st door this morning I could smell them lush scent of Vanilla and Sugar Cookies, which was gorgeous. I can’t wait to smell the other days. What advent calendar do you have?



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