Sundays With Kylo: WarmAPet Thermal Mat from B&M

We aren’t really sure of what Kylo’s age actual is. When we got here we were told that she was about 2 but nobody knew what her date of birth was, so I called Petlog to find out when she was chipped. Normally, puppies are chipped from at least 6 months old and Kylo was chipped in March 2013, so if we say Kylo was 6 months old when she was chipped, then she was likely born in October 2012, so she would be 6 years old now. So she is approaching her senior years. And given that she has health issues, she does feel the cold quite a lot now. We have noticed that it has really affecting her lately, so we are pretty much ready to give anything that is safe a go. And I don’t trust electric blankets or pads at all, so they are definitely out.

So when we saw this WarmAPet thermal mat in B&M we decided to take a punt on it. If it did what it said on the packet then it would be exactly what we were looking for.

The mat came in 2 colour versions, either grey or white. It features a soft, quilted cover layer with a comfortable woven layer. Inside it has a heat reflective foil and thermal insulation for constant warmth. What this means is that when Kylo is lying on it, it reflects her own body heat back at her, creating a loop of constant warmth, add a blanket on top of her and it ends up being super cosy.

At 70x105cm, the mat is the perfect size for her and it fits perfectly on her bed, almost edge to edge. There was another size available for smaller breeds and animals, a 64x49cm mat.

Kylo loves this mat and has been proper snuggling with it. Here’s a terrible iPhone photo showingher in a snuggle with blankets and toys and in her Christmas jumper, also from B&M.

She gets so comfortable sometimes, it really annoys me that I can’t get that comfortable. Just imagine that she is snoring super deeply, you know when they are so fast asleep that their snoring makes you sleepy? Yeah, that!

Of course I have tested the mat and it really does work. I am super happy with this purchase and it is really helping Kylo fight the cold, we highly recommend this. It’s super safe and effective and that is what we were hoping for.

Check your B&M store pet aisle to see if they have these, the larger size is £9.99 and the smaller size is £4.99.



Author: Chrissie

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