Born Pretty Glitter Thermal Peel Off Polish: Playmates



Taking a break from Christmas nails today because I have this gorgeous polish from Born Pretty to show you. This beauty is Playmates from their Glitter Thermal Peel Off range.

In it’s cold state Playmates is a gorgeous forest green. At this time of the year, my hands and feet are absolutely freezing no matter what I do. Ignore my thumb, it’s just doing what it wants over there and I couldn’t get it to stay cold on that bit.

In it’s warm state, Playmates is a beautiful spring green bordering on lime green. I love this colour and it really gives my nails a pop. Excuse that cold bit creeping in on my pinkie.

I do love thermals, especially on longer nails because they create that natural gradient and it is some easy, no fuss nail art.

It has a beautiful iridescent shimmer that definitely shines through in both states.

This did take 4 coats to be completely opaque and in the warm state you can still see a bit of my nail line in certain lights. It dries semi-matte and I did add a coat of Seche to bring out more of the sparkle from the shimmer. The formula is okay, it’s definitely not the best polish formula I have seen from Born Pretty and I suspect that might be because of the “peel off” attribute, and speaking of, the peel off does work although I couldn’t get it to peel off all in one go, it did come off in chunks but left behind zero damage or nail peeling, so it’s three quarters of a win!

When I see green polish I instantly think dragon, so when wearing this I added some dragon nail art from Messy Mansion MM21.

If you fancy grabbing this polish for yourself, you can find it here for £3.01/$3.99, there are 11 other pretty colours available and don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Do these colours seem off to you? I am finding more and more with my camera that when I take photos of certain colours that it doesn’t like them and there is no amount of colour correcting that sorts it out. It might have something to do with the fact that I just cannot be bothered to learn how to do all the settings manual so I just use it on auto. Maybe I should just learn it already. Any seasoned DSLR users that have some tips for me?



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