Born Pretty Store Christmas L003 Stamping Plate

Ok, so now we are only 5 days away from Christmas and I had hoped I would have all my review stuff knocked out by Christmas, especially since most of it is Christmas themed, but it just doesn’t seem likely at this point. But I going to keep pressing on in the hopes that I have it all done by the end of this year and start fresh for 2019.

So continuing on my Christmas stuff, today I am showing you the Christmas L003 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton, Models Own Luminous Red and Barry M Matte topcoat.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am bashing on this plate, I really do love the images on it and I sort of managed some nail art using it, but…

The images are nice and big and will fit most nails, but the actual design dimensions are way to big for my liking. I could barely get some of the designs on my nails so they would look good or so that you could even tell what they were. Because this is a Christmas jumper plate and most of the designs are repeating, I think this would have been better if the image dimensions were reduced and duplicated a little more inside the space they already have.

Aside from that issue, the plate is fab and yes, you’re right, if my nails were still quite long then I may not have bitched about it at all. The images all picked up nicely and in full, they are etched perfectly.

Polishes Used: Barry M Pink lemonade, Barry M Chai and Seche Vite.

If you’re nails are quite long or wide, or if you are really good at shrinking images and you want to have a pop at this plate yourself, you can find it here for £2.26/$2.99.

Don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items at Born Pretty Store and check out their Christmas sale while you’re there and grab some bargains.


Author: Chrissie

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