Born Pretty Store Christmas L005 Stamping Plate



As soon as I saw this stamping plate I knew I wanted to try 3D snow globes! The Born Pretty Christmas L005 stamping plate lets you build your own snow globes. With 2 snow globe shapes to choose from an lots of different, little elements that you could add in, it really is a build-your-own.

There are 6 full nail images and over 30 small images for building and layering. and then one large image up the top to use as a whole over a couple of nails or to use little bits here and there.

I decided to use OPI DS Extravagance from my collection for a base, because I wanted a distraction for if I messed these up the nail art, hahaha. But it is a stunning polish and definitely perfect for this time of year.

For my thumb, index and pinkie, I kept it basic with the snowflakes from L005 and Barry M Silver Foil.

I only wanted to do 2 snow globes, because there were only 2 different bases and because I thought it might be hard work to do 5 3D nails. I reverse stamped the snow globe bases onto each nail using Barry M Silver Foil, Barry M Supersonic, Barry M Siren and Barry M Spring Green, then I added a few little elements from the plate for “inside” the globe.

I did this using a basic, cheap, regular gel topcoat, just layering and curing. After 2 layers I added a quick coat of Wikkid Polish Space Dust and a shine mark using Barry M Silver Foil. Then I added another 2 layers of gel. As this was a topcoat that needed a wipe down at the end, I used a little bit of Rubbing Alcohol and gave it a little wipe. I have absolutely no idea if this is how the professionals do it, I was just winging it and I don’t have very many gel products at my disposal. All I was hoping for was that I managed to keep it inside the lines and it sort of looked like a globe shape. Mission accomplished, I think.

Honestly, I am quite impressed with how it turned out and I would definitely try doing 3D nails again, although I’m not sure what. Suggestions on a postcard please!

This is a fantastic little plate and definitely one to have in your holiday plate collection, you can find it here for £2.26/$2.99. Don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items at



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