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These are my type of party nails! Glittery and super nerdy! Although I haven’t quite managed to capture just how glittery they are irl. I absolutely love these and can’t believe I had forgotten about  them in the bottom of my collection.

My favourite of the wraps is the adorable code screen one on my pinkie, I wish there were more of the small wraps in this design, I definitely would wear 2 of these in the middle with the binary wraps either side and the broken image wrap on my thumb.

Espionage Cosmetics Computing nerdy nail wraps

What parties are you off to this week or have you? Or have you already had your party? What did you wear on your nails?

Espionage Cosmetics Computing nerdy nail wraps

These wraps are quite an old set and I’m not 100% sure if these are still available but there are loads of other amazing and nerdy sets available to buy from Espionage Cosmetics. Pop over to check out their shop and don’t forget to use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off and order of $25 or more.

If you are outside of the US then you have probably missed the cut off date to get things in time for Christmas for sure, but if you are in the US you probably still have time. There are some amazing sales going on at the moment so pop over to get some serious bargains!



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