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It has been a crazy year! Ok, not really crazy crazy but still, some awesome stuff happened. I continued to work with one of my absolute favourite brands, Espionage Cosmetics of course, and it makes me so happy that I have been working for them a couple of years now! I continued working with Born Pretty Store and Beauty Big Bang which is always fantastic. I became a brand ambassador for the lovely Charlie’s Nail Art. And I absolutely lost my shit when Barry M asked me to collaborate on not one, but two holiday nail art collabs! I also got to swatch for some amazing indie brands and now own some stunning polishes now as a result. Plus, I won some awesome giveaways this year too.

Not much happened in normal life stuff in 2018, which is an absolute blessing. Even though I had a small relapse back before the Summer and had to quit the gym, I have continued working on building strength at home. In 2019 I am going to continue working on my strength but also I am going to concentrate on losing a fair amount of weight, reducing my gait width and maybe even getting my legs to run. I have read that it is possible to re-learn this stuff for MS sufferers and even though I was bumped up to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis this year, I am determined to not allow that to get the best of me.

Not related to this post really but this photo was by far, my favourite photo of mine in 2018 and bonus, it’s an Espionage Cosmetics photo too 🙂 This was the title photo for my post on the awesome Oasis nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics and I just love how you can clearly see the glow of the nail wraps even though the glow from the PSVR is kind of taking over the whole thing! It just look awesome.


Espionage Cosmetics Harlequin Harley Quinn nerdy nail wraps

But back to today, and I have been wearing these absolutely stunning nail wraps inspired by the iconic Batman villain Harley Quinn! They are super sparkly and the red parts are so lush. I do wish I had put a coat of white underneath the mask wrap because the silver glitter parts are partially see through and my nails are super stained at the moment, don’t forget to wear a base coat under green, kids!

Espionage Cosmetics Harlequin Harley Quinn nerdy nail wraps

These beauties are still available to buy for $10, but also pop over to their featured sale where (at the time of this post) nail wraps are on sale for $5 a set, including licensed wrap sets! Oh, and don’t forget, if you spend $25 or more, use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off!

Bear with me for the next few weeks as I try and catch up with all the stuff I have to do and while I try not to burn out. I have some fun manis planned and like I say every year (and fail) I am going to try and do different stuff next year!

What has been your favourite moment of the year?



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