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Good news for all of you struggling to think of something to spend your Christmas pennies on, Prism Polish has got your back! The all new Too Much Month for the Money collection releases on January 1st at 12pm. Suzie has stripped out all the pricey ingredients to make a more budget friendly collection but still managed to create a collection full of stunning polishes and with some fun names that are apt for most of us at this time of year.

I have 4 polishes from the 6 piece collection swatched out and you are going to fall head over heels for these polishes! It’s a pretty photo heavy post!
Broke AF

Broke AF is a beautiful bright teal, filled with purple shimmer. 2 coats, no topcoat. I failed to capture the purple shimmer on the nail but you can see it here in the bottle.


With a matte topcoat.

Too Much Month

Too Much Month is a luscious, velvety, matte purple. 2 coats, no topcoat.

Went a bit heavy on the cuticle oil here I think!

With a glossy topcoat, notice how the pink shimmer really shows in it’s glossy state.

With a matte topcoat. No difference at all to no topcoat.

No Money, Mo’ Problems

No Money, Mo’ Problems is a rich red filled with golden magnetic shimmer and a sprinkling of gold holo. It looks more of orangey in my photos but only because my camera was picking out the magnetic shimmer and it would not colour correct. 2 coats, no topcoat. You can see more true colour swatches over on the Prism Polish Instagram, right now.


With a matte topcoat. You can see the red shade here a little more.

Dry January

Dry January is an inky purple to pink to mint green, tri-colour thermal, filled with pink shimmer and holo scattered flakies. This one is my absolute favourite of the collection and my first tri-colour thermal, I was very excited to swatch this and tried to capture it in as many states as possible. 3 coats, no topcoat.

Mint green is the warmest state and I adore this colour.


I couldn’t quite capture the mid-warm state, a gorgeous pink, on my whole nail because my hands were either icy cold or burning hot, no in between. But I did capture this transition shot of green to pink and I do love the mint green and pink together, so pretty.

Purple is the cold state and look how beautiful that is!


This was my first attempt at getting the 3 colours together, could have gone better but not too bad.



This was a much better blended photo of all 3 colours, lush, innit?!

Here is the purple state with a matte topcoat.

And the mint green with a matte topcoat.

And I had to include this photo because I was getting very Disney Villain vibes from this shot of the thermal transitioning from mint green to purple!

As always with Prism Polishes, the formulas on these were fantastic.  The only reason Dry January took 3 coats is because in the warmest state (mint) you could still see my nail line. They all dry quickly and aside from Too Much Month, they finished to a glossy finish. The were easy to clean up, easy to remove and you would never be able to tell, if not told, that Suzie had stripped back some of the pricier ingredients.

Pop over to the Prism Polish Instagram to check out swatches of the other 2 polishes in this collection, which are on there now, and see swatches of these polishes from a few other swatchers! And don’t forget to get your pennies ready for the release, set your calendar for January 1st at 12pm!

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