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I was very interested in trying this Blooming Polish from Born Pretty Store to see what it was like. The photos on the website look so pretty and it looked like it gave a really cool, alcohol ink effect. Well I was right, in a way, because it is alcohol ink but it is still a pretty cool idea and can work, once you get the hang of it, for all sorts of nail art looks.

As you can see, I tried several different ways of trying to see what I could do with it. I tried just moving the bottle brush, with lots of ink on there, across my thumbnail from corner to corner. I tried painting the whole nail with it, waiting for it to dry, then going back in with the bottle brush and dotting several bits of the nails. Then I tried just dotting onto the middle of the nails to try and get a smokey shape to appear. I tried going across from corner to corner with minimal ink on but only barely touching the surface of the nails. And finally I tried painting the whole nail again and dotting with minimal ink on the brush. After these had dried a little I went back in with a small nail art brush and took small amounts of the ink on it and dotted onto different parts of the nails. Then I added topcoat and I really like the way it looks, especially my ring finger.

Born Pretty recommend ‘smudging’ it with a transparent blooming polish, which kind of gives it the smokey effect I saw on the website. I would think that rubbing alcohol would probably work to give that effect too and all you have to do is kind of dot it onto the bits you want to look more sheer.

If you have several colours it would look pretty lush. Now I know how to get the right effect with this and that I needed the extra ingredient to get the effect I was looking for, I am definitely going to practice more.

You do have to be a little careful though as these can stain your skin a little and I expect dark colours will be little buggers to get off. It was very easy to remove though.

If you are up for a new challenge, you can find the Blooming Polishes here for £2.26/ $2.99 and don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Have you used alcohol inks in your nail art before? What did you find was the best technique?

I have done a little nail art for another review using this mani as the base, hopefully that will go up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.



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