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I have been absolutely struggling today lovelies. The last few days my insomnia has been pretty bad and today my fatigue has been playing up an absolute bugger, I have proper struggled to get through today and I am honestly surprised that I managed to get these knocked out but I did, woop for me, but sorry if the photos are pretty shit.

I have my bed right under our bedroom window, for 2 reasons, I need the cold air on me through the night and when I can’t sleep, I like to open my curtain and look up at the stars. The sky has always been something that cheers me up a bit. It’s always beautiful, shit weather, good weather, day, night, there is always something about it that reminds me of the beauty in the world that can seem so lacking in every day life. So, as it was cloudy last night and I couldn’t see any stars, I thought I would put them on my nails.

These beauties are Constellations from Espionage Cosmetics. They were in the Space Odyssey NEXUS. They are normally glossy but I added a coat of Barry M Matte topcoat to them.

And they glow in the dark! You can’t really tell, because my ability is serious lacking atm but the whole nail wrap except the constellations glow and it makes for a really cool effect. Perfect for if you are looking for stars during an overcast, sleepless night.

Anyway, you can get these here for $8. Don’t forget to check out their featured sale and grab some bargains while you are there but also check out their new, adorably awesome stickers too. Oh, and remember, if you spend over $25, use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off your order.

Sending good sleep vibes to everyone tonight! I’m off to bed right now, well, to watch Supergirl in bed!



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