Princess Peach Nails

Princess Peach nerdy nails Barry M Molten Metals

I could not have a peach polish, with peach in the name and not do Princess Peach nails with Barry M Peachy Feels as the base, could I?

Princess Peach nerdy nails Barry M Molten Metals

So I pulled out another barely used BBF stamping plate, this time BBF 76 and went to work. Aside from a few polishes bleeding into each other, I have much love for how this turned out. Peachy Feels makes such a beautiful base, you could do any nail art over it and it would be stunning.

Polishes used: (All Barry M’s) Peachy Feels
Black Forest
LE 2013
Pink Punch
Golden Hour
Plumpy Topcoat

I’ve got a few more manis coming using the new Molten Metals but these will probably be going up next week, so be on the lookout for them.

At the moment, I think I am kind of hitting my own targets for nerdy/fandom nails, which is good for me because normally I set myself targets and then ignore them completely. What characters or fandoms are you hoping to see me do this year?

Don’t forget that the Barry M  Molten Metal Nail Paints are now available from Superdrug online and in store, and at


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