Star Trek: Discovery Nails

Star Trek Discovery nerdy nails

I know I have a load of stuff to be getting through, and that it is taking me ages to get through it all but for the last few days I have been severely lacking in the motivation department and yesterday, after a whole day of being lackadaisical with everything, I suddenly got the urge to do some Star Trek: Discovery nails. I currently have only watched season 1 because I am saving up season 2 episodes so I can binge them (Netflix has turned me into a monster) but I really enjoyed season 1 and Michael Burnham is pretty kickass.

Star Trek Discovery nerdy nails

I instantly wanted to base it on the Discovery’s uniforms and then quickly annoyed myself because I only had 2 shades of blue anywhere close enough! I definitely need more blue’s in my collection. So I had to go with these 2 shades of blue because they were the closest I have got. I always tend to do the Science’s badge for my Star Trek nails, so this time I decided to go for the Lieutenant badge. I even added the rank pips, which turned out really cool looking, especially since I just used polish to do them.

Star Trek Discovery nerdy nails

I was stumped for what to do on my thumb, when I remembered that Burnham was raised by Vulcans and that I have the Vulcan salute on one or two stamping plates. But, I didn’t want it to be just that on the thumb, I wanted to add something else to it, which was when I remembered the Klingon language image on Moyou Geek 05.

Some of the mani isn’t perfect, I freehanded the tiny Starfleet logos on my index and pinkie. And the lines on both of those nails and the middle nails. But even with all the imperfections, I really love how this turned out!

Polishes used: Barry M Blue Grape
Barry M Blackberry
Moyou Black Knight
Beauty Big Bang Gold stamping polish
PolishedByLeanne Chocolate Fondue
Seche Vite

Stamping Plates used: a Star Trek plate from AliExpress
Moyou Geek 05
Moyou Geek 07

So, have you been watching Star Trek: Discovery? Are you an old school Star Trek fan? How do you think the 2 compare?

On another note, WE GOT SOME SNOW!!! I am so happy to finally have had a snow day and it basically snowed all last night and all day today, so the day has been absolutely perfect!


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