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So not only have I been suffering from lack of motivation these last few days, but today I am feeling particularly unwell and progressively so throughout the day. I suspect it’s a migraine caused by the heating and the sunshine bouncing off the snow. Because of this, I have been rushing to get today’s tasks done today and because of both this and my motivational issues, I am super glad that today is my Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps day.

It took me ages to choose which set I wanted to use today, it’s going to have to get to the point where I either close my eyes and choose or I number every set and each week just get a number generator to choose for me. In the end, I chose the very beautiful, The Last Unicorn set and added a glittery accent on my pinkie from the Glitter Jedi approved Feisty Droid wrap set.

The Last Unicorn is an animated, musical, fantasy film about a unicorn who learns that she is the last of her species and sets out on a mission to learn what happened to the rest of her kind. The films has voices of a plethora of familiar names. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before and definitely one of the few occasions I will say that the movie was better than the book.

These beauties are fully licensed and are still available to buy along with 2 other sets that are in The Last Unicorn collection, pop over here to check them out. While you are there check out their featured sale, they’ve got wrap sets from as low as $4.

Don’t forget that you can use code PLUS10KAPOW to save 15% off an order of $25 or more.



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