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By now the snow has almost all melted, I am a little gutted that we only got one good day of snow, but I am glad we got at least that. I suppose I’ve just got to let it go, until next year anyway!

Kylo’s face this morning was hilarious, it was a picture of disgust and sadness, I wish I had managed to capture it but it was very early. The moment she realised that most of the snow was completely gone, it was almost like her jaw just dropped. I have never seen anyone look as gutted as she did in that moment.

The moment I saw Ice Queen from Barry M, I knew it was definitely time for an Elsa mani and I knew I had an Elsa stamp on one of my XL AliExpress plates. The stamp turned out way better than I thought it would.

Polishes Used: Ice Queen
Black Forest
LE 2013 mixed with Cotton for a lighter yellow
Plumpy Topcoat

Stamping plates used: Beauty Big Bang 006
OS-01 XL (from AliExpress)

So I used Ice Queen as the base and stamped snowflakes on using Cotton. I love how the white stands out over the silvery, white background.

I also wanted to try it out with a coat of the Barry M Matte topcoat and now I am not sure which state I love more. I think the colours of Elsa stand out more when shiny but I love how the snowflake nails look with the matte topcoat.

Which one do you like better?

The new Molten Metals are now available from both BarryM.com and Superdrug instore and online for £3.99 each.



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