Sundays with Kylo: FURminator

We would like to tell you about THE most amazing brush we have ever owned. The FURminator!

We bought this a little while ago from Zooplus for £19.49. Yes, I know, super expensive for a brush and I have never spent that much on a brush for my hair, so we were seriously expecting something amazing, especially after reading reviews, but we were also very dubious, as I’m sure you are. But we were really hoping it would help reduce the amount that Kylo moults around the house, it’s a nightmare to get her hairs out of the cream carpet on the stairs.

Let me tell you now, I was very, very, VERY impressed! The above photo is after a 2 minute brush after it arrived. It doesn’t seem to pull hair out and just picks up loose hairs under the coat. I was very worried I might hurt her if i did it wrong but it’s very easy to use, she didn’t seem uncomfortable at all and it wasn’t hurting her, so all in all a pretty good start. Even on the first brush stroke it picked up a load of hair and I had to empty it before doing the second.

Since then I have brushed her a couple of times a week for a few minutes and each time we end up with a small dog sized pile of fur! It’s also reduced the amount she scratches, not that it was a lot but it’s almost reduced to nothing.

They have different brushes for long hair and short hair and for dog sizes. We bought the Short Hair M, and at 20kg, it is perfect for Kylo. I didn’t think it would be but it’s well worth the money and I highly recommend it. If you buy it or have bought it, tweet me photos of your hair pile!



Author: Chrissie

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