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Yes, I do have stamping plates from Beauty Big Bang to be getting on with but I am having trouble finding motivation and ideas for them, but one of the things Beauty Big Bang have sent me is this set of dotting tools/brushes and I was pretty excited to give them a go. The tool are double ended with one end being dotting tools and the other end detailing brushes.

The middle part of each tool has pretty gems in it and unlike other gem filled brushes I have tried before, these are very light and not weighed down at all. The gems are tightly packed and barely move around at all, so they don’t hamper your nail art.

The dotting tools are 5 different sizes with the smallest being super small and that’s actually perfect because this is my go-to size for some nail art and I literally just snapped the one I use the most so now I have a great replacement for it.

The detail brushes also vary in sizes with the longer ones being perfect for lines and the smallest for tiny details. The brushes seems like pretty good quality and hold they’re shape when being used. They are made from nylon.

Both ends can be used with regular polish, gel and acrylic.

So for testing this set I had an idea, which has been in my head for ages but I didn’t have the right detailing brushes to do the job. It’s a pretty simple idea but can show you exactly how good and precise the brushes are. Yes,, my hands still do their wobbly thing, which you can see on part of my pinkie nail but the rest went pretty well I think.

Who remembers this game? Vib-Ribbon was one of my favourite games on the PS1 and I had no idea until recently that the game was available on the PSVita, so I bought it! I had completely forgotten how nails that game is and I give my younger self props for being an absolute mage at the game.

Polishes used: Barry M Black Forest
Barry M Cotton
Seche Vite

For those who don’t remember it’s original release or are of a younger generation not likely to have played it, let me enlighten you.

Vib-Ribbon is a rhythm game, in which you move the main character, Vibri, across a line filled with obstacles, moving to the beat. Missing obstacles will shake the screen and turn Vibri into a scribble, and the more obstacles you miss, the more chance Vibri has of degenerating from a rabbit, to a frog, and then to a worm, then eventually the game will end. However the more obstacles you hit perfectly, the more chance you have of evolving Vibri into Queen Vibri.

Vib-Ribbon was one of those games that were satisfyingly difficult. One that you would go back to because the more you played it, the better and further you got and the more satisfying it was. I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyway, these dotting tool/brushes will get a lot of use from me going forward and I can tell that my line work is already benefiting from it, hopefully my tiny lettering will benefit too.

You can find these brushes here for £3.08/$3.99 and don’t forget that you can use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order.



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