Stargate False Gods 2.0



This is the last mani I have done using the the new Barry M Molten Metals. For this one I have used Golden Hour as the base and the bronze/golden shift made me think of the Egyptians, and my obvious segue was to Stargate.

Now, I LOVED my original False Gods mani but I had wished that I had done some more Stargate specific nails. I had used the symbol for Ra but really wished I had done the symbol for Apophis. So this time I did!

Stargate SG-1 nerdy nails Barry M Molten Metals

My thumb, index and ring fingers were all freehand and the hieroglyphics nails were stamped using Messy Manison MM32, the same plate I used in my original mani.

Stargate SG-1 nerdy nails Barry M Molten Metals

On my thumb, I did my best tiny writing and attempted the address for Abydos, it’s not perfect but I am pretty impressed to be honest.

Polishes used: Golden Hour
Black Forest
Plumpy Topcoat

This is definitely my favourite mani so far this year! It’s pretty simple but you all know I love Stargate so it’s pretty easy for me to be in love with this mani. I am definitely nailing it (in my opinion) with the nerdy/fandom nail art so far this year, here’s hoping I can keep it up!

The new Barry M Molten Metals are available from and from Superdrug instore and online.



Author: Chrissie

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