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Due to this being the Mondayest of Tuesday’s, and a massive migraine and neuralgia flare, you are getting a look at this Beauty Big Bang stamper today. Not that this is a bad thing, this stamper is pretty decent and if you know me, you know I have a shit ton of stampers and I am never going to be mad about adding another. How many stampers is too many stampers?

This is the clear, rectangle, silicone stamper from Beauty Big Bang. It measures roughly 3.8cm x 2.6cm, has an open end at the bottom and has Beauty Bigbang printed on the side. It also comes with the standard, credit card sized, flexible scraper.

This scraper is exactly the same shape and size as the Maniology Ice Cube stamper.


And it picks up just as well as the Maniology one. i didn’t need to prep it, it picked up crisp images the first and every time and it stamped to the nail really well.

But it is a fraction of the price, at currently only $1.99. It is a fantastic little stamper and definitely a good one to have in your collection. The one thing I would say that it needs, is a lid. Most of the clear stampers these days have lids and I have found that these stamper heads can easily be damaged, so it would be awesome if they added a lid but I understand if they don’t so they can keep the price down.

I highly recommend this silicone stamper. If you fancy adding it to your collection, pop over here to grab it for £1.51/$1.99 and don’t forget to use code PLUS10 for 10% off your order.

Tag me in your stamper collection photos on social media. What is your favourite stamper type. I personally love the marshmallow ones but the clear stampers are a godsend for reverse stamping.



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