Maniology Women’s Empowerment Stamping Plates

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my story showing the Maniology Ambassador goodies I received. In there were these 2 Women’s Empowerment plates, which I love! There are so many different mani’s that you can do with each plate but let me show you what I did with them.

Multiple Sclerosis Nail Art Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates

When I saw all the “I am” possibilities on M046, I was instantly drawn to “Strong”. March has been M.S. Awareness month and I completely forgot and let it pass me by, so as we are still in it and strong is what I have had to be since having M.S., I thought this would be a good mani for it.

The image on my thumb, index and pinkie reminds me of a broken or rocky road, which is a pretty apt description of life with M.S. so it had to go on there.

Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates

Polishes used: Moo Moo’s Signatures Cinnamon Fluffball
Moyou Black Knight
Moyou White Knight
Barry M Cotton
Seche Vite

Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates M046

And here’s a better look at the M046 stamping plate.


Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates M047

On this plate I was drawn to loads of different images but I wanted the mani to be sort of cohesive but I was thinking along the lines of the super supportive and inclusive nail art community. I know there aren’t just girls in this community but we do all support each other and it’s so nice to see so many people building each other up and being positive.

The image “Be a voice, not an Echo” and I think that really speaks to us all in this day and age.

Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates M047

Polishes used: Prism Polish Psycho Love
Barry M Ice Queen
Moyou Black Knight
Barry M Cotton
Seche Vite

Maniology Women's Empowerment Stamping Plates M047

And here a closer look at the M047 plate.

So which images were you drawn to? What nice thing have you seen someone do or say on the internet or even in real life lately?

You can grab these plates here for $6 each and don’t forget that you can use my code KAPOW10 to get 10% off your order.

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