Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I had more usual, regular Blood tests on Monday but where as before it would take me the rest of that day to recover, it’s now taking over 48 hours to recover. Today I felt well enough to actually get some stuff done, but it was a bit like trudging through thick mud again. I went with a fairly easy, one polish, water decals kind of look but added some gems too, and to make it better, I added them to my middle finger so if I give someone the finger they know I am not only pissed off, but a little bit extra hahahaha!

Charlie's Nail Art water decals and rhinestones

I started with a base of Barry M Cotton then I used bits of these 3 items from Charlie’s Nail Art, the Black and White Marilyn Monroe water decals, the Unicorn water decals and these 3mm Rhinestones.

I don’t often have rhinestones or embellishments on my nails, so I do need to work on my placement skills but I kind of love the glam feeling of them.

Marilyn Monroe rhinestoned matte nails

I also gave it a coat of Barry M Matte topcoat but I actually prefer it glossy!

Don’t forget that you can use code CLPK10 to get 10% off your Charlie’s Nail Art order.


Author: Chrissie

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