Espionage Cosmetics D20 Lace

I have been trying since yesterday to get some good photos of these beautiful D20 Lace wraps from Espionage Cosmetics but my photos definitely DO NOT do them justice!

If you’re like me, the moment you bought your first set of dice that was it, you were down the rabbit hole of needing every collection ever! There is something about these little numbered shapes that makes me happy! I keep mine all mixed up in a corked jar and I love the way it looks on my shelf, but I will always need more. So these wraps were perfect for me.

These wraps are glossy, transparent wraps with a black “lace” design featuring lots of D20’s.

Espionage Cosmetics D20 Lace nerdy nail wraps

I wanted something bright under these so I went with the neon Psycho Love from last years Prism Polish Anti-Valentine’s Love Bites Collection, but I also added a coat of KBShimmer Take it or Leaf It. I would absolutely love a neon pink dice set, with fiery flakies! In real life, this combination looks absolutely stunning and I would wear this all day, every day if I could!

Espionage Cosmetics D20 Lace glow in the dark nail wraps

They also glow in the dark, but I think the neon messed with how the glow in the dark look because this is the photo of it on my nails over Psycho Love…

…and this is how they actually look. Not that I am complaining, they still glow and are super pretty. Am I the only one that see a Terror Dog or angry cat in the pattern on my index finger? As usual, i topped it off with a coat of Barry M Plumpy Topcoat.

These wraps are currently out of stock but you could go here and enter you email address to be notified when they are back in stock. Or, if you are looking for some dice nails right away, these Critical Hit wraps are currently in stock!

Don’t forget to use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off an order of $25 or more. And did you know that NEXUS is back with a new name, it is now called Nail Mail Monthly and has 3 different subscription variants to choose from: Original, Literary and Gaming. Each month there will be a theme and you can see teasers of each wrap design, and if you’re not interested, you can skip that month. It’s $15 a month +p&p and i you use code PLUS10KAPOW, you can get $3 (that’s 20%) off your first month! This month’s theme is From the Flames and the sneak peeks look fab! Pop here for a look and to subscribe.

What is your favourite board game or your favourite dice collection?



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