Espionage Cosmetics D20 Lace Gold

Espionage Cosmetics D20 Lace

We’ll, it’s been a hot minute since I have put stuff up on the blog, the pandemic has been a hard time for us all and it’s a motivation zapper for sure, but then I received an adorable package from The Glitter Jedi (the wonderful Jaimie) of Espionage Cosmetics, and these beauties sparked a little get up and go. I chose the D20 Gold Lace wraps first because I had just swatched the gorgeous Dragon’s Heart from Wikkid Polish (swatches will be on here in the near future, hopefully) and it was the perfect base for these transparent wraps. The adventurer in me was happy.


D20 dice set red and gold nails


You might recognise these wraps, and that’s because Espionage Cosmetics also do a black version which I showed off in March last year. The black D20 Lace are currently out of stock but you can sign up to be alerted when they come back in.

Aside from being gold, these also have a slight holo effect on them. I really struggled to capture this as access to my desk and light is always limited at this time of year.


D20 dice set red and gold nails


But the gold and the red together are the perfect combination. As usual, the Espionage Cosmetics wraps are super easy to apply and if I can do it, then you most certainly can. I used Barry M Green Origin Basecoat & Topcoat for both my base and topcoat, using 2 coats of it for each.


D20 dice set glow in the dark nails


And, like the black version, these ones glow in the dark, which I completely forgot about and was pleasantly surprised that night when I saw how bright the were glowing, so I took photos the next morning.

I know it’s quite close to Christmas now, but if you have a nerd, a nail lover or a teenager that you need to buy fun presents for, Espionage Cosmetics is a great place to shop and small businesses really need our help this year more than ever. Don’t forget that there are delays in most postal services due to COVID and we will be hitting regular Christmas delays now too, so please be kind to the businesses if you encounter delays or lost packages.

And as usual, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Espionage Cosmetics shop, they have some absolutely fantastic designs that you’re sure to love and check out the sale for some bargains to add in to your basket.


Hope you are all happy and well



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