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Espionage Cosmetics We Invoke Thee nail wraps Plus10Kapow

I haven’t managed to get much done in the last few weeks and I haven’t posted any Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps so I really wanted to wear some this weekend and get back in to my routine, and I just couldn’t resist these We Invoke Thee nail wraps.

I still haven’t worked out what is messing up my photos colours, so these are a little bit off, the green is darker than in this photo.

These are inspired by The Craft, I love that movie and it still holds up today. These came in the April Nail Mail Monthly and I have been wanting to wear them ever since.

They are glossy and have beautiful, gold accents and are glossy. This photo more accurately shows the green.

On some of the wraps, they have runes, which are my favourite wraps, they look so awesome.

And, some of the wraps glow in the dark!

The June theme of Nail Mail Monthly is Special Agent, with wraps inspired by Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Goldeneye 007, and the teasers look so awesome, very excited to see them. If you fancy signing up, pop over here and choose your variants, it’s $15 a month and if you use code PLUS10KAPOW when you sign up, you’ll get $3 off your first month.



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