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I have been really enjoying using the Wikkid Polish Bring on Spring pastel neons, and when I was sat there at my desk, wondering what to do next, I saw the unused Moyou Tumblr Girl 08 plate staring back at me and I instantly remembered the awesome alien art (this one and this one) that Jemma from Dorkface Blog had done and so this neon alien nail art is inspired by Jemma’s art. Jemma is bright and colourful, creative and awesome, so if you don’t follow her then I highly recommend it.

moyou tumblr girl collection 08 stamping plate

This is the stamping plate. It has some really cool images on there so I snapped it up when Moyou had one of their £1 plate sale. Initially I had wanted to do a glitter pills mani but the 2 times I have attempted that it has failed. I will keep trying because I take a lot of pills and well… haha I have no idea where I am going with this sentence but it sort of means something to me in a way. So I will have glitter pills on my nails at some point in the near or far future.

Neon alien nails inspired by Dorkface Blog's art, using the Wikkid Polish Bring on Spring Pastel Neons

I also mattified them and in real life, they look amazing matte but the camera just doesn’t like them. I mean, my camera freaks out with even slightly bright colours at the best of times, so put these beautiful neons in front of it and it completely lost it, much like I am in this heat, I’m just a puddle at this point.

I don’t know if any of you will have noticed, but I also put the solo alien on my ring finger in one of the t-shirts that Jemma released not long ago, or at least, I tried to. And I don’t know if you are aware, but Jemma is coming back from maternity leave and re-opening her shop. She has started it all off with a pre-order of this adorable and perfect pin and there isn’t very many of this run left so make sure to grab one before they sell out.

Polishes used: Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell
Wikkid Polish Down at the Deep End
Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor
Wikkid Polish Joyful L’il Jellybean
Wikkid Polish My Mate Illuminate
Wikkid Polish Peachy Beachy
Moyou Black Knight
Moyou Whit Knight
Barry M Silver Foil
Seche Vite
Barry M Matte Topcoat

Anyway, I’m off to bed where I shall have 1000 (3) fans on me while I watch some Rifftrax to distract me from the heat. Have an awesome Friday night everyone.



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