80s style Vector nails

Maniology Insert Coin M050 nail art Plus10Kapow

The Maniology Game Over: Insert Coin plates have some really cool images on them and some of them have really stuck in my head in the kind of way that, I really want to do some nails with them but have absolutely no idea what to do.

This vector image on Maniology M050 was one of those images. Until a few days ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I Googled 80s vector wallpaper (imaginative, I know and this one caught my eye.

80s style Vector nails Maniology M050 Game Over insert coin stamping plate

I have also recently bought the pastel neon Bring on Spring collection from Wikkid Polish and they are absolutely perfect at stamping over black. I promise I’ll get round to swatching them all at some point. But for now, enjoy these perfect stamps using them.

80s style Vector nails Maniology M050 Game Over insert coin stamping plate

I used the one stamp for this whole mani but took the sun out of it on all but one nail.

Polishes used: Barry M Black Forest
Wikkid Polish My Mate Illuminate
Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell
Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor
Seche Vite

These neons will be getting hella use from me this Summer, in fact, I already have 2 more manis to come that I have used them in and I still haven’t even swatched them yet! I wore this mani to Kian’s parent’s evening last night. He did so well, and to be fair, they just confirm something I’ve been telling him for years, that he is super smart and when he focuses he can do amazing things but he just needs to learn to control his emotions, although he has improved and matured massively as the year has gone on. So proud of him.

What image would you use from the Maniology Game Over plates? Have you bought them yet? Well, don’t forget that you can use my code KAPOW10 to get 10% off your order with Maniology. [Affiliate code]

I really hope Maniology bring out some more Geek/Nerd/Gamer plates in the near future, preferably when I have the pennies to buy them. I managed to get in a single design for the Create Your Own plate design contest but I only have less than 24 hours left so I don’t think I can knock anything else up in that time. Did you enter anything? I would appreciate a cheeky vote if you have a second, I would love a stamp like this: Hello I am a Fangirl.

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Author: Chrissie

4 thoughts on “80s style Vector nails

  1. Amazing design, I was exactly looking to do this stamp but didn’t decide on the method (blurred background + uniform stamping, or uniform background + tie and dye on the stamping), and found your great nail art on the web !
    It convinced me of what I wanted and I tried to reproduce it – not that bad for my amount of practice with stamping. Do you have any tips to successfully remove the mountains without the sun ? I did it with adhesive tape and a dotting tool but most of the times, a small part of the design that was supposed to be kept sticks to the tape 🙂
    Again, you did a very beautiful nail art !

    1. Thank you so much. To get just the mountains I put down the polish on just the mountains and scraped to the side or down, trying to avoid the sun completely, then I used black polish to paint over the bits of sun that were picked up. I have no idea how to pick up just one of the other, there is always a few bits that manage to make it into the stamp.

      1. Hi, I managed to do a satisfying reproduction of your beautiful mani. I used adhesive tape to remove parts of the drawing from the stamper to get oblongs mountains or sun and it worked quite well too.

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