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Maniology Game Over High Score M049


I bought the Maniology Game Over stamping plates as soon as they came out and used the M050 Insert Coin plate almost immediately and have used it a couple of times since (1, 2, 3). The Gamer Over M049 High Score  stamping plate however, has been sat on my desk, unused for quite a while but it was at the top of my pile because I desperately wanted to use it.


Maniology Game Over High Score M049


I mean, look how cute this plate is! But Maniology have just brought out their Level Up Bundle which has this plate and 3 gorge stamping polishes in it, so that sort of prompted me to use this plate so you could all see just how cute it is!


Maniology Game Over High Score M049


I used  of the images from the bottom middle of the plate, and as you can see, they are perfect for shorties. They are slightly smaller than my nails so I took a few clouds and stars and added them to the bottom of my nail just to make it look complete, but if your nails are nubs and you are a gamer/nerd, then this plate is perfect for you to make your nubs look awesome.


Maniology Gamer Over High Score M049


Then for my thumb and pinkie I stamped the 8-bit heart and star a couple of times.


The plate is etched perfectly and has zero imperfections and I wouldn’t expect any less from Maniology.


Maniology Game Over High Score M049


It also gave me the opportunity to use Wikkid Polish Air again because look how pretty this polish is! Which, lucky for you, is still available to buy here. It’s such a pretty and Wintery polish.


Polishes used: Zoya Aspen

Wikkid Polish Air

Moyou Black Knight

Barry M Cream Soda

Barry M Blood Orange

Barry M Holographic Lights

Barry M Arabian

Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell

Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor

Wikkid Polish Joyful Lil Jellybean

Wikkid Polish My Mate Illuminate

Seche Vite


And no! Even though I am fully in the mood for the Christmas now, I am 100% NOT DONE with these neons from Wikkid Polish.


You can buy the Maniology Level Up Bundle here or the  Game Over M049 and M050 plates separately here and don’t forget to use code KAPOW10 for 10% off your Maniology orders. I really hope they bring out more gamer or nerdy plates soon, or have a nerdy or bookish themed Mani X Me soon. Speaking of Mani X Me, don’t forget that my code also nabs you $5 off your first month if you enter it on sign up!



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