Nicole Diary- 094 stamping plate

Nicole Diary 094


I am currently in recovery mode today but luckily, this week I have started to final get some proper motivation to get my review stuff done and I have 2 manis lined up to post while I am not feeling great.


Nicole Diary 094


So today’s post is me, showing you, this cute Nicole Diary 094 stamping plate from Born Pretty.  This plate has 23 squiggly, doodley images, it is etched perfectly and has no imperfections.


Nicole Diary 0094


The plate instantly remind me of notebook doodles. In new notebooks I do the neatest handwriting ever, for the first few pages anyway, then after that it is just a pen test site, an “on the phone” doodle book, or the area I squiggle my undying love for you-know-who! So that’s what I went with for my nail art here.


Nicole Diary 094


Polishes used: Barry M Cotton

Barry M Blood Orange

Barry M Chai

Barry M Damson

Barry M Laguna

Born Pretty Store Gold Stamping Polish

Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell

Wikkid Polish Peachy Beachy

Wikkid Polish My Mate Illuminate

Moyou Black Knight

Seche Vite


Nicole Diary 094


I also used the Born Pretty Store Geometry L001 stamping plate to do the notebooks lines.


Nicole Diary 094


I think this is a really cute mani, expecially for a writer or artist, I wish some of the squiggles were a little bit smaller but aside from that I really like this plate.


You can find the Nicole Diary 094 stamping plate here for £0.75/$0.99 and don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off your order.



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