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When you think of Beetlejuice, you instantly think of black and white stripes with a bit of green. So I thought these would look sort of cool and I was right, I really love how they turned out and now I want to watch Beetlejuice for the bazillionth time this month. Trying so hard to be Halloween motivated and am absolutely failing, plus it now seems like I have lurg thanks to my carrier of a child, who never gets sick but still manages to bring it home every. single. time! But this idea sprang into my brain and I pushed through to get it done.



I used a base of the pretty Zoya Aspen and stamped the black stripes on using Moyou Black Knight and Maniology BM-S244 (now M061 use code KAPOW10 for 10% off- AFF CODE). Because this is the old, little, square plate, I had to double stamp the stripes to cover the length of my nails.



For the slime I used Moyou Comics 03 and stamped using Wikkid Polish Joyful Lil Jellybean, which is the perfect slime colour. Joyful Lil Jellybean stamped perfectly but was not fully opaque so I painted over the slime stamp with more of the polish until it was fully opaque. It looks a little washed out in my photos because my camera really hates neons, but in real life it is so vibrant and looks awesome against the stripey backdrop.


Breakdown of items used:

Zoya Aspen

Moyou Black Knight

Wikkid Polish Joyful Lil Jellybean

Seche Vite

Maniology BM-s244 (now M061)

Moyou Comics 03


I know I haven’t done many Halloween manis (so far) this year but I think this may definitely be at the top of my favourites for this year. What is your favourite Halloween nail art this year? Drop your links in the comments, show me your spoopy nail art!



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