Death Stranding Nails

Death Stranding nails

It’s Death Stranding day today! Who else is excited to play this game? I hope everyone is just ignoring the reviews and still getting this game, because it’s definitely worth a play! We pre-ordered so got our copy yesterday and Jim has been playing it, so I have gotten a good idea of what it’s like. It looks so good! Not sure about the choice of Norman Reedus for the main character yet, but at the moment I think it looks pretty good and I’m excited to play it when Jim is finished with it.

Death Stranding nails


I did these nails on a whim yesterday because Jim was playing the game and as I was putting all the stamping plates away from my desk, I spotted the handprint on the Maniology BM-S248 (now House of Horrors XL M062, use code KAPOW10 for 10% off) plate and it reminded me of the BTs tar handprints (BTs are the enemies, they are called Beached Things but it is shortened to BTs).


Death Stranding nails


For the game title I stamped the letters from the Lantern & Wren Flight of Fantasy stamping plate and then added the terrible lines in with a nail art brush. It’s much harder to work with shorties but I think they came out pretty good overall.


Polishes used: Barry M Cream Soda

Moyou Black Knight

Seche Vite

Barry M Matte topcoat


I really love how it looks with the matte topcoat and I think these are the perfect nails, for me anyway, to wear for the Death Stranding release day. Have you played this yet? Now that this has come out, what game are you next looking forward to releasing?




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2 thoughts on “Death Stranding Nails

  1. No idea of the game 😐 Boyfriend had been playing Outer Worlds, looks good that game. I play older stuff like Res Evil 4 and earlier Res games!

    I like the mani, I guess I would appreciate it more if I knew the game! 🙂

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