Barry M Nails Shot Nail & Cuticle Oils

Barry M Nail shots nail and cuticle oils Plus10Kapow

Today I want to show you the newly released Barry M Nail Shot Nail & Cuticle oils.

Barry M Nail Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil Plus10Kapow


Each Nail Shot contains a tri-colour, cocktail of oils with glycerin, sweet almond oils and an oil and scent that is different for each Nail Shot. Before you apply to your nail, you need to shake up the cocktail so that the oils mix, they then separate again once settled.


So a few weeks ago I broke my thumbnail right the way down and for manis during that time I have been using a false nail on my thumb. But my thumbnail is refusing to grow quickly and I am so fed up with my nails not all being the same length, so I chopped them all down so these came at just the right time for my little shorties.

Barry M Argan Nail Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil Plus10Kapow


First up is the Argan Nail Shot which has Argan oil on top of the glycerin and sweet almond oils, and has a flowery violet fragrance.


Barry M Avocado Nail Shot nail & cuticle oil Plus10Kapow


Next up is the Avocado Nail Shot which has avocado oil and a refreshing mint fragrance.


Barry M Grape Nail Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil Plus10Kapow


And last but not least is the Grape Nail Shot, which has grape seed oil and has a fruity raspberry & grape fragrance. This one is my favourite, I love the scent of this as the raspberry sweetness really stands out. All of the scents are quite nice and the Avocado’s minty scent is another standout for me.


Barry M recommend that you massage this into your cuticles and wash off before a manicure. I’m not sure about that though, I prefer to leave my cuticle oil to soak in completely rather than washing it off. I did find that these oils left my fingers a little sticky until the oil had soaked in, so I would recommend using this after a manicure or just before bed. They are very moisturising though and they left my cuticles and skin feeling very soft and they look great.


The Barry M Nail Shot oils are available now from, Boots and Superdrug for £3.99 each. Which one are you looking forward to?




Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Barry M Nails Shot Nail & Cuticle Oils

  1. These sound lovely! It use a cheap oil from the poundshop and various creams too! Always before bed and then wake up with love cuticles and nails!

  2. That’s the best way to do it. I tend to use oil multiple times a day and then always when my hands have been in water. These are fab, I now have one in my bedroom, one in my bag and one at my desk so I always have oil to grab wherever I go. These will last for ages too. :)x

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