Espionage Cosmetics If the Shoe Fits

Espionage Cosmetics If the Shot Fits



I have felt so fatigued this weekend, it’s just like a huge weight pulling me down towards the floor while I try and trudge forward through thick mud. Thankfully nail wraps exist so I can pretty up my nails with minimal effort. And with Disney+ releasing, although sadly not for us anywhere outside the U.S., I thought that these If the Shoe Fits wraps, inspired by Cinderella, from Espionage Cosmetics were perfect for this trudgey weekend.


Espionage Cosmetics If the Shoe Fits


Annoyingly I just could not capture how beautiful these wraps are irl. But they have both foil and glitter details and the sparkle under any lighting.


Espionage Cosmetics If the Shoe Fits


The foil details up around the cuticle area actually have little silver shoes.


Espionage Cosmetics If the Shoe Fits


I absolutely love all the details on these wraps, they are just so pretty. Plus I love the classic Disney movies, even if they do get a bad rap for their outdated and slightly horrifying storylines hahaha. But who doesn’t love them.


Luckily, you can still grab these wraps here for $10 and don’t forget that if you have an order of $25 or more, you can use code PLUS10KAPOW at checkout to get 15% off!


Hope you’ve had a nice, chill Sunday


Author: Chrissie

1 thought on “Espionage Cosmetics If the Shoe Fits

  1. Donno the show and never tried wraps either!

    These are gorgeous though and look good on you. 😀

    Hope you are feeling better, I get a lot of days like that and end up drinking way too much coffee!!!!!

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