Maniology Mani X Me Winter Wonderscape Express Kit

Maniology Mani X Me Winterscape Wonderscape MXM019 stamping plate

So this month’s Mani X Me box is Winter Wonderscape and mine arrived in time for me to get some nail art done to encourage you to buy this. It has so much on there to make sure you are covered for holiday season nail art all the way through.


I haven’t used this plate yet but I have some ideas and I love the layered snowflakes, there are so many different variations that you can do. so pretty. I do wish there were some snowflakes a little bit smaller but over all I really like this plate.


Maniology Mani X Me Winter Wonderscape MXM020


Sticking with the layering MXM020 has some adorable snowman options here, with 8 snowmen, 28 face options and 30 accessories. There are also 7 speech bubbles and then a larger snow and glacier image. And then finally a massive row of trees with a layered stamping option. For my mani I used just this plate.


Mani X Me Mani Mask Icy Blue


This month’s kit also comes with a limited edition Icy Blue Mani Mask. I honestly didn’t expect this to work when I was applying it, it is a much thinner formula than I am used to with cuticle protection but that could be because it is latex free.


Maniology Mani X Me Icy Blue Mani Mask


But it worked perfectly! I applied a pretty thin-ish coat, it apply a light blue like it shows in the bottle and then dried basically clear. And then afterwards, I got THE perfect peel, just one movement, straight off. I was so impressed! In fact, it is the best peel I have ever gotten from similar products. Think Mani Mask might have to be my go-to product in the future.


Chillin with my snowmies nail art Mani  Me


So, yeah, I used just the MXM020 plate for this mani and I was so surprised at how well the tiny details on the faces and accessories stamped. My stamping technique is a little off because I have been unwell but I absolutely adore how cute this mani turned out. I have been dying to use Barry M White Moonstone for a snow mani and it is just as perfect for it as I had imagined.


Mani X Me Chillin with my snowmies


It isn’t too textured that it is chunky and scags on everything you’re wearing but it is textured enough to look like snow and give your mani a bit of glam because of the shimmery glitter.


Mani X Me Winter Wonderscape Express Kit


I should also say that the stamping plate, as is usual with Maniology, is etched perfectly and has zero imperfections. The tree layered stamp works perfectly too, when I could manage to actually line it up, but you can definitely get away with using either of the stamps for the tree on their own in sparate manis.

The “Chillin with my snowmies” speech bubble stamp made me laugh so much, that as soon as it snows, that’s what I am going to say anytime anyone asks me what I am doing. Plus it is so cute with those little hearts around it.


Mani X Me Chillin with my snowmies Winter Wonderscape

I did want the little Christmas lights on this snowman to be colourful so I roughly painted on traditional colours of the multi coloured Christmas lights that everyone used to have on their trees.


Mani X Me Winter Wonderscape


Polishes used: Barry M Diamond Glitter

Barry M White Moonstone

Barry M Rock Pool

Moyou Black Knight

Barry M Blood Orange

Barry M Banana Split

Barry M Damson

Barry M Spring Green

Beauty Big Bang Gold

Seche Vite


You have just today and tomorrow to sign up and get this Winter Wonderscape Mani X Me kit otherwise signups from 23rd November will get the December theme. And when you’re signing up, whenever you decide to, if you use code KAPOW10 you can get $5 off your first month.


Plus, don’t forget that my code KAPOW10 also bags you 10% off any orders in the Maniology shop, have you checked out their Christmas stuff yet? So many goodies to get hold of. And they make fantastic Christmas gifts for other nail art lovers.


Hope you are having an awesome week so far!









*Remember, I purchase the Express Kit myself but my code that grabs you a discount is an affiliate code, so I will earn a few pennies if you order using my code.


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