Beauty Big Bang XL-083 stamping plate




Okay, this is just a quick post today, I’m absolutely knackered from going to vote and getting Kian an emergency appointment (he’s fine) but it was absolutely exhausting. I hope if you have the right to vote in the UK that you have been to vote today, if not, you still have 3 hours until the polls close.


Anywhoo, today I have this awesome emoji XL-083 stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang to show you.


BeautyBigBang xl-083

This plate has 14 full nail images that are great for regular and reverse stamping. My plate had zero imperfections and was etched nicely.


BeautyBigBang XL-083


Obviously if you’re doing an emoji mani, the first colour you go for is yellow, but I also wanted to do a couple of reverse stamped ones so those were white and yellow.


BeautyBigBang XL-083


Polishes used: Barry M Banana Split

Barry M Cotton

Moyou Black Knight

Seche Vite


BeautyBigBang XL-083


You can find the Beauty Big Bang XL-083 stamping plate here for £2.11/$2.79 and use code PLUS10 for 10% off tour order.



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