Born Pretty Fracture of Rebirth L001 stamping plate

Born Pretty Store Fracture of Rebirth L001





Let’s have a little look at the Born Pretty Fracture of Rebirth L001 stamping plate today. I am still trying to work out if today’s nail art is a nail fail or not. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to and it just seems a little bit busy for my liking.


Born Pretty stamped nail art


You can sort of see where I was going with it. First of all I wanted to use that awesomely adorable little dinosaur image, so I thought it would look good breaking through a brick. But then it didn’t really go with the rest of the nail art, which was more like things breaking through scenery or paper.


Fracture of Rebirth L001 stamping plate


I think this plate has some fab images, if you can work out where to put them and how to pair them together. Altogether you have, what I think are, 14 full nail ish images, 12 smaller images, 4 words and then 5 paper tear kind of images, some of which can be counted as full nail and some that go across multiple nails. But that gives a total of 35 images, not bad really.

The plate is etched very well, giving a good stamp on every pickup. My plate had zero imperfections.


dinsoaur nail art stamping


Here’s a better view of my little dinosaur friend.


Polishes used: Barry M Cotton

Barry M Mushroom

Barry M Blood Orange

Barry M Spring Green

Barry M Banana Split

Barry M Chai

Moyou Black Knight

Seche Vite

Barry M Matte Topcoat


Born Pretty Discount code


You can find the Fracture of Rebirth plate here for £1.20/$1.59 and don’t forget that you can use CBAQ10 for 10% off all your Born Pretty Store orders.







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