80s baby, 90s made me!

Charlies nail art angel paper



Slowly but surely I am getting somewhere with catching up. I have been super productive and knocked a few things out in the last week, it’s just the photo edit stage that is taking me longer to get to, but I have so much more motivation and there are some exciting nail polishes coming out from various people that I have had the privilege of swatching, so be on the look out for those so.


On to today’s post though, I am completely undecided if this is a nail fail or not. It didn’t turn out how I thought it would, but I actually kind of like it. Maybe it’s how shifty it is, or maybe it’s just one of those ones I will never be able to explain. It’s a weird ‘un.


Charlies Nail Art Angle paper 80s baby 90s made me


I used the Angel Paper from Charlie’s Nail Art, I cut off random shards and then just stuck them to my nail in no order at all really. I imagined this would look super 80s and yet I do think I sort of missed the mark completely. The Angel Paper is awesome though, it is very shifty, in the packaging it looks a lush pink with green shift but over a dark polish it looks green with a blue shift.

There are 14 different colours available in this product and they are all super pretty. You don’t have to use an adhesive for Angel Paper, just cut and stick to wet polish, then topcoat and you’re done. Works with gel and acrylic too.



I used the beautiful Vespera from Wikkid Polish for my base and you can see the blue shimmer showing through the Angel Paper and the gaps.


Then I used my collab plate with Nail Artisan to stamp “80’s baby, 90’s made me” using the upcoming Dystopia Nail Polish Feeling Fruity collection.


Don’t forget that you can use code CLPK10 to get 10% of any Charlie’s Nail Art order.




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