Luna Solis Nail Polish 3D Magnetics

Luna Solis 3d Magnetics swatches Plus10Kapow





Today I have some absolute stunners to show you. These are the new Luna Solis 3D Magnetics. Luna Solis Nail Polish is a new to me UK indie brand. Let’s just dive straight in an look at some photos of these beauties.


Solar EclipseLuna Solis Solar Eclipse swatches Plus10Kapow


Solar Eclipse is a Copper, Bronze, Gold with a slight lime green tinge, 3D magnetic.



Because these magnetics are super shifty multichromes, they can also be worn unmagnetised and they look absolutely stunning that way too. So here are some photos of Solar Eclipse in it’s unmagnetised state.


Luna Solis Solar Eclipse swatches Plus10Kapow



AuroraLuna Solis Aurora 3D Magnetics swatches Plus10Kapow


Aurora is an Aqua, Blue, Purple 3D magnetic multichrome.



Aurora can also be worn unmagnetised, as a regular multichrome polish, here is how that looks.


Luna Solis Aurora swatches Plus10Kapow



Both polishes, unmagnetised, are perfect in 2 coats. However, when you magnetise them you will need 3-4 coats for full coverage. Or, alternatively, you can wear one coat over a black polish and both magnetised and unmagnetised it looks beautiful.

They both have super strong magnetic effects and because the polishes dry super quick, it means you get a super strong line/effect with minimal spread. They dry to a glossy finish. However, I highly recommend the Luna Solis Shield Maiden topcoat, it dries fast and to a super shiny, high gloss finish, with no shrinkage. You’ll be seeing that mentioned in a lot of my posts coming up as I will be using this on all my nail art instead of Seche Vite.

I am also currently testing out the Full Loaded base coat, so expect an upcoming post on that , but I have heard very good things about it.


The Luna Solis 3D Magnetics are releasing on March 7th and will be £9.50 each.


Where to find Luna Solis: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest



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