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These pretty Blueberry glitter dots are another thing that I have chosen to review from Charlie’s Nail Art, and I chose them because they look so pretty, but honestly I had no idea what sort of design to use them for because I don’t tend to use this type of thing much. So really I just started and kind of went with the flow, using things from desk to bring something together, and I really love how it turned out. It’s bright and random and has a pop art/ comic book type thing going on.


Charlie'sNail Art Glitter Dots 2 Plus10Kapow


The first thing you notice with these glitter dots is actually how many you get for your money. It’s £1.39 for a 4g bag but that 4g translates into a lot of glitter dots and these will last you quite a whole, that is, as long as you don’t twitch with the open bag in your hand like I did and throw the bag all over everything. There are a few different sizes in this pack, that are all either purple, black or blue. Some are flat, matte glitters and some are holographic glitters. They are easy to apply to the nail and easy to cover with a couple of coats of topcoat or a coat of gel.


Charlie'sNail Art Glitter Dots 2 Plus10Kapow


For the rest of the mani I used: Wikkid Polish Bikini Bomshell

Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor

Wikkid Polish Shooting Blanks

Barry M Black Forest

Moyou White Knight

Moyou Black Knight

Luna Solis Nail Polish Shield Maiden

Creative Shop 75 stamping plate


Charlie'sNail Art Glitter Dots 2 Plus10Kapow


You can grab these Blueberry glitter dots here for £1.39, along with 11 other pretty variations. Use code CLPK10 for 10% off your Charlie’s Nail Art order.



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