Wikkid Polish All the Fun of the Fair collection

Wikkid Polish All the Fun of the Fair neon collection





Neon season has officially begun! This is the second neon collection I have shown you. You will have seen these beautiful polishes on my social media recently, but they obviously deserve their own blog post and you deserve a reminder of them, especially with what is going on at the moment. I know that at the moment doing your nails can seem like something far away from what you need, but it has been proven that doing things like your hair and nails can lift your mood. And what better things are there to lift your mood than these neon beauties?


Hook A Duck

Wikkid Polish Hook A Duck PlustenKapow

Hook a Duck is a super bright, yellow neon with a gold shimmer.

All these polishes dry to a satin matte finish, and as this collection contains shimmer neons I have also swatched them with topcoat to try and show off the beautiful, subtle shimmer. So here is Hook a Duck with topcoat.



.. and Thanks from all the Fish



..and Thanks from all the Fish is not only an excellent Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference but is an absolutely beautiful and super bright orange neon with a subtle gold shimmer.


And here it is with topcoat.


Rock On



Rock On is a gorgeous, Barbie pink neon with a blue shimmer.

And here it is with a topcoat.


Shooting Blanks



Shooting Blanks is a bright, neon purple with a subtle green shimmer.

And here it is with topcoat.



Dodge ‘Em


Dodge ‘Em is a stunning neon blue with a subtle red shimmer.


And here it is with a topcoat.


Ghosties, Ghoulies and GTFO



Ghoulies, Ghosties and GTFO is an amazing, bright, green neon with a subtle purple shimmer.


And here it is with a topcoat.



This whole collection is perfect in 1-2 coats, with the majority of them being one coaters and because of their slightly thicker consistency they are excellent stamping polishes too, over both black and white. If you are not a fan of the thicker formula, you can add a couple drops of thinner and they are still amazing polishes.

They dry fast and to a satin, semi matte finish, which is gorgeous and the shimmer does show through in certain lights but to make that shimmer pop, you can add a topcoat.


Because I took so long to put this post up, some of the polishes are currently sold out but I expect they will come in to stock again soon. And don’t forget, through all of March, there is a special pre-order for last year’s pastel neon collection, which is an amazing collection that I am still using. Pop over to the Wikkid Polish shop to check out both of these stunning collections.



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